Special Issuance Assistance

Many medical conditions may at first be viewed by the FAA as a disqualifying condition.  However, a majority of conditions can be reviewed and a medical certificate will be granted.  This process is known as a “Special Issuance”.  If potentially disqualifying medical conditions are known in advance or arise during your current medical certificate, Frontier Neurology it is vital that the AME assist you in delivering pertenant information to the FAA Aeromedical Certification division.

The requirements and process of granting medical certification with Special Issuance is a service that Dr. Crinnian will extend to the pilot.  We will guide you in your communication with your medical specialists for the required documentation the FAA will request to grant a medical certificate with special issuance.  We will also assist you in the FAA review of your material.

For a select number of medical conditions, the FAA has created a new program of  AME Assisted Special Issuance -“AASI”.  This program is currently restricted to a third class airman medical certificate.  The FAA will authorize the AME to re-issue medical certificates under the provisions of the protocol for the medical condition.  We will assist you in the coordination and submission of AASI materials and guide you through the protocol for your condition.